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Neon City is a short cyberpunk themed text-based adventure game. Inspired by Rollplay Swan Song and my fragments of Sci-fi writing. It's a small game, written as a break from my main project.

It is simple really, all you must do is find a way to escape the city so you can return to your normal life. You can either set out to complete the task which your captors brought you here to solve or find your own way out.

The city is a large gray repetitive sea of blandness - to step outside to go to your destination is madness. Most buildings have a room with a dedicated transporter, where you may travel anywhere you please, provided you have the co-ordinates.

  • Engross yourself in mutiple storylines
  • Interact with complex programable terminal computers
  • Arm yourself and subdue your enemies
  • Explore the remains of a cyberpunk city

Install instructions


  • .Net 4.0 framework
  • Windows

Download and run the .exe


Welcome to Neon City v1.0 98 kB

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